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Workplace Violence and Gender Discrimination in Rwanda’s Health Workforce: Increasing Safety and Gender Equality

This Human Resources for Health article reexamines a set of study findings that directly relate to the influence of gender on workplace violence, synthesizes these findings with other...

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Taking Forward Action on Human Resources for Health in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zambia: Synthesis and Measures of Success

This paper discusses the background of HRH shortages in the listed countries, as well as plans for steps to resolve the issue.

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Alleviating the Burden of Responsibility: Men as Providers of Community-Based HIV/AIDS Care and Support in Lesotho

Presents the research and results of a study of men as providers of HIV/AIDS care and describes how research was used to promote policy change and program response.

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Planning, Developing and Supporting the Health Workforce: Results and Lessons Learned from the Capacity Project, 2004-2009

The Capacity Project’s final report summarizes results and lessons learned from this five-year global project on human resources for health.

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Addressing Gender Inequality in Human Resources for Health

Reviews how the Project addressed gender discrimination and inequality in HRH through its institutional mechanisms, approaches and tools as well as in country-level implementation.

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Applying the Learning for Performance Approach

Discusses the Project’s participation in the development of LFP-informed learning interventions.

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Alleviating the Burden of Responsibility: Report on a Study of Men as Providers of Community-Based HIV/AIDS Care and Support in Lesotho

This study aims to establish the extent to which men can be attracted into caregiving jobs traditionally considered the province of women and what it will take to increase the numbers of male HIV...

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An Overview of Human Resources for Health (HRH) Projection Models

This Technical Brief provides a rapid review of different health workforce projection approaches with a list of references for more information.

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Building the Bridge from Human Resources Data to Effective Decisions: Ten Pillars of Successful Data-Driven Decision-Making

This Technical Brief presents ten fundamental and practical pillars to aid HR managers, practitioners and policy analysts in building a bridge from HR data and reports to effective HR policy and...

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Learning For Performance

This manual presents a systematic instructional design process that helps connect learning to specific job responsibilities and competencies.

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