Use of an Interactive Voice Response System to Deliver Refresher Training in Senegal

Author: Gilroy K, Diedhiou A, Muntifering Cox C, Duncan L, Koumtingue D, Pacqué-Margolis S, Fort A, Settle D, and Bailey R

Description: CapacityPlus developed, deployed, and assessed an innovative mLearning system that used a combination of interactive voice response (IVR) and SMS text messaging to deliver refresher training to family planning providers in Senegal, focusing on management of contraceptive side effects and counseling to dispel misconceptions. The pilot application among 20 midwives, nurses, nursing assistants, and health agents took place in two districts in Thiès Region of Senegal. Evaluation findings showed that an mLearning system that delivers refresher training to family planning providers via simple mobile phones using IVR and SMS text is appropriate, feasible, acceptable, and associated with sustained gains in knowledge.