Integrated Performance and Quality Management: Combining the Optimizing Performance and Quality and Collaborative Quality Improvement Approaches to Improve HIV Service Delivery in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The main objective of the IHAP-HK project is to build local capacity to ensure the continuum of quality HIV care and services at multiple levels of the health system (health zone, health facilities, community sites). To achieve this, beginning in September 2017, IHAP-HK combined IntraHealth’s Optimizing Performance and Quality (OPQ) methodology with a collaborative quality improvement approach to create the Integrated Quality and Performance Management (IQPM) approach. OPQ is a stakeholder-driven, cyclical process for analyzing human and organizational performance and setting up interventions to improve performance and quality and build on strengths and successes. IQPM is an innovative approach that allows health stakeholders to solve performance and quality problems at health facilities and generate best practices to achieve desired performance levels.