Senegal Health Services Improvement Project

The Senegal Health Services Improvement Project supported the Senegalese Ministry of Health and Medical Prevention's efforts to improve maternal and child mortality and morbidity rates, as well as increase access to family planning services. Launched in 2006, this project focused on several interrelated goals:

  • Reducing the under-five mortality rate by 67%
  • Reducing the maternal mortality rate by 75%
  • Increasing the availability, variety, use, and social acceptance of family planning
  • Engaging men in family planning, safe motherhood, and involved fatherhood
  • Empowering girls and women in making health care decisions
  • Improving health care provider training and accountability
  • Preventing malaria cases and reducing malaria deaths among children and pregnant women
  • Decentralizing access to health care while maintaining quality.

This project worked with the President’s Malaria Initiative in Senegal to prevent malaria cases and reduce malaria deaths among pregnant women and children under five. Along with NetMark and the CCF Consortium, IntraHealth supported insecticide-treated mosquito net distribution, intermittent preventative treatment, and enhanced nutrition for pregnant women, as well as increasing awareness of and demand for these services. The project also provided technical support to train health care service providers with the aim of improving their performance and encouraging appropriate malaria treatment. 

This work was continued under the Health Services Improvement Project.