Mobilize against Malaria: Senegal

IntraHealth worked through Pfizer’s Initiative for Malaria Treatment and Education (Mobilize against Malaria) to address critical gaps in malaria treatment and education in Senegal. This five-year program’s goal was to increase the number of people who seek and receive effective antimalaria medication. IntraHealth collaborated with Senegal’s Ministry of Health and Pfizer to design, implement, and monitor a community-level malaria prevention and treatment program. Launched in 2007, the initiative focused on:
  • Training community health workers and nurses serving in Tambacouda, the largest and most impoverished of Senegal’s 11 regions
  • Documenting the benefits of malaria treatment messaging in the health system
  • Teaching caretakers to recognize early symptoms of malaria, danger signs, and the need to seek appropriate treatment within 24 hours.

The program aimed to meet its objectives through the following strategies:

  • Developing training programs for health care staff and volunteers to build malaria treatment and prevention skills
  • Creating a strategic advisory board made up of national, regional, and district members to assist in developing resources and creating policies to support malaria care and prevention
  • Implementing communication campaigns to raise community awareness of malaria prevention and treatment.

You can view Pfizer's video about this work here.