Health Sector Resiliency Project

IntraHealth International, as a core member of a team led by Palladium, is working with the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan to strengthen the country's human resources for health systems. Through the US Agency for International Development-funded Health Sector Resiliency Project, we are working with the Ministry of Health as it implements the critical sector-wide reforms the country needs to increase the resiliency and self-sufficiency of its health sector and move toward sustainability.

Selected Initiatives

  • Strengthen the Ministry of Public Health’s human resources systems and operation by supporting the ministry's human resources for health (HRH) reform, in-service training systems, and leadership-strengthening activities. 
  • Work with lead partner Palladium to design the overall information and communication technology strategy and information structure for the USAID-funded Health Sector Resiliency Project, including implementing IntraHealth's open source HR data management software, iHRIS, at the national level.