Expanding the Informed Push Model for Family Planning in Senegal (Yeksi Naa)

IntraHealth International, in collaboration with Senegal's Ministry of Health, is expanding access to—and use of—family planning by reducing contraceptive stockouts. 

Together we’re implementing the Informed Push Model, which reinvests proceeds from clients’ contraceptive purchases back into the public contraceptive supply system to ensure the constant flow and availability of products. The model makes a wide range of family planning commodities available, allowing women to more freely choose the methods they want at affordable prices. 

Through the Informed Push Model, trained logistics operators deliver supplies to points of sale on a regular schedule, restocking where necessary and recording quantities of products sold. The logistics operators collect data that are then used to ensure that each site and warehouse is sufficiently stocked, and allows manufacturers to keep pace with demand. This takes the burden of tracking and ordering inventory off of pharmacies and clinics.

When the Informed Push Model was introduced into health centers in Pikine and Kaolack, the average monthly contraceptive stock out rate fell from 83% for implants and 43% for Depo Provera in 2010-2011 to 0% for both methods in 2012. 

Now we're expanding the Informed Push Model nationally to improve the family planning supply chain in Senegal’s public sector, where contraceptive shortages have long persisted.