Central America Capacity Project

Using the Performance Improvement approach designed by IntraHealth, the project  worked with staff at 54 hospitals in Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Panama to assess and improve their HIV knowledge and skills. The project also employed IntraHealth’s innovative Learning for Performance methodology, a training approach to help hospital management staff quickly and cost-effectively teach and reinforce essential information and skills and to prepare health workers in training for the tasks they will perform on the job. To create a sustainable learning environment, the project also trained selected health workers to become trainers themselves.

In coordination with the Guatemalan Technical Diploma Course Commission—and in partnership with Rafael Landívar, Francisco Marroquín, and San Carlos universities—the project explored innovative methods to train health workers by using eLearning and mobile devices. The universities offer online courses for health workers in basic HIV prevention and treatment. The project also helped to develop and test methods that enable workers in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica to review information they learned in previous trainings and receive text message updates.

The project worked with staff at local, regional, and national health facilities to ensure that at-risk people receive a full range of HIV prevention, referral, and treatment services. Additionally, the project helped communities to support HIV testing, treatment, and care; and to discourage stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV and the most at-risk populations.