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PEPFAR Submission Resources & ER Template

Scroll down for the tutorial on USAID's PEPFAR DATIM Zendesk Resources & Expenditure Reporting Template Completion

Use chapters to navigate the tutorial:
00:00 Navigating the Resources on DATIM Zendesk
02:08 Overview of the PEPFAR Guidance Section on DATIM Zendesk
07:34 Overview of the PEPFAR Financial Classification Reference Guide

16:37 Overview of the DATIM Training & Tutorials
21:54 COP21/FY22 Expenditure Reporting Instructions for IPs
23:11 How to Enter Your Mechanism's Prime and Subrecipient Expenditures in FY22
26:27 How to Submit a DATIM Zendesk Help Desk Ticket

26:47 How to Complete the ER Template as a Prime Partner
43:33 How to Complete the ER Template as a Subrecipient Partner

PEPFAR Expenditure Reporting webinar available by clicking here.

Recorded on Sept 15, 2022
Uploaded October 18, 2022