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Multilateral Donors and Agencies

Established in 2009, the Health Systems Funding Platform is intended to advance progress toward the Millennium Development Goals and “coordinate, mobilize, streamline and channel the flow of existing and new international resources to support national health strategies.” It aims to enable more effective support for health systems strengthening, including health workforce strengthening.

The Platform is a collaborative effort of the GAVI Alliance; the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; and the World Bank, facilitated by the World Health Organization in consultation with countries and other key stakeholders, including representatives from civil society.

As the Platform structures the funding streams to align the health systems support efforts of its partners, it must consider health workforce strengthening as a distinct objective. In doing so, the Platform can eliminate duplication and ensure that initiatives to strengthen health workers are holistic.

IntraHealth encourages greater, sustained support for health workforce strengthening under the Health Systems Funding Platform. The four organizations have undertaken a process of jointly assessing national health strategies, which should yield significant financial and technical support for a comprehensive approach to health workforce strengthening.

The Millennium Development Goals can be achieved only if health workers are present, ready, connected, and safe. Making health workers available to communities in need will help ensure the Platform’s success.

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