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In Madagascar, IntraHealth International is partnering with PSI on the Integrated Social Marketing (ISM) Program to improve the health of the Malagasy people, especially women of reproductive age, children under five, youth 15-24 years old, and those living in rural and underserved areas. 

The project is implementing an increasingly sustainable social marketing program that delivers essential health products and services, focusing particularly on rural and underserved areas. IntraHealth’s role includes working with an expanded Top Réseau franchise to ensure high-quality services and incorporating gender equality into all key aspects of the project.

Selected initiatives:

  • Improving the training of health workers by revising curricula, developing new training modules, and leading clinical trainings and training of trainers.
  • Incorporating gender equality into the project’s activities based on a gender assessment.

Current Projects (& Funders)

  • Integrated Social Marketing (ISM) Program in Madagascar (USAID, supporting partner to PSI)

Past Projects (& Funders)

  • Santenet 2 (USAID, supporting partner to RTI International)


Perle Combary


Perle Combary
Program Director, West Africa and Middle East