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A Decade of Experience in Armenia:
Improving Health and Health Care

Reinforcing the Quality of Family Medicine and Nursing Practice

Starting in 2005, IntraHealth began collaborating with the Ministry of Health on the USAID-funded Primary Health Care Reform Project to:

  • Ensure that the topics and content of family medicine training curricula were consistent and well-suited to the trainees’ needs
  • Standardize and update the teaching methodologies and curricula for family medicine training, and develop continuing education courses based on these standards.

As a part of the Primary Health Care Reform Project, IntraHealth employed its Learning for Performance methodology to prepare five clinical training packages for trainers and trainees, and oversaw the training of clinical trainers—including more than 500 physicians, nurses, medical faculty, and clinical preceptors. Subsequently, eight Armenian medical training institutions adopted the methodology and curricula. In addition to curricula development and the training of trainers, IntraHealth also worked with Armenian family nurses in remote, rural health posts to make sure they are able to competently provide in-home care, clinical pharmacology, and emergency care. IntraHealth and the Ministry of Health created a training program at the marz level to strengthen the performance of these nurses, including establishing a cadre of regional trainers to teach nurses the knowledge, skills, and competencies they need. More than 500 nurses were trained, and the training curriculum was officially adopted for primary healthcare nurses’ training nationwide. IntraHealth also worked to ensure these nurses had supportive supervision, clear job expectations, and adequate facility infrastructure and that the community was engaged with the health facility.

Read more about IntraHealth’s work to improve primary health care in Armenia here.


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