IntraHealth's Vistaar Project Supports Nutrition Security Advancement in India

USAID supports a Secretariat for the Coalition for Sustainable Nutrition Security in India through the Vistaar Project, a maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition project led by IntraHealth International. The Vistaar Project worked with members of the coalition in developing a new website to support the coalition’s mission: to propose and advocate for policy and program directions to achieve sustainable nutrition security in India. The website, launched in July 2009, aims to provide program leaders with access to nutrition information and to effective, evidence-based recommendations on improving nutrition security in India.

The most recent Indian National Family Health Survey (NFHS-32006/7) raised concerns about the extensive poor nutritional status for a large segment of the Indian population.  According to the NFHS, 46% of children below age three are undernourished, while 79% in this age group and 70% of pregnant women are anemic. The Coalition for Sustainable Nutrition Security in India aims to help nutrition program leaders transform knowledge into action. This coalition is comprised of high- level policy, program and political leaders, including Government Ministers, media, non-governmental organizations, national and international development partners, and members of the private sector. Professor MS Swaminathan, an internationally recognized and respected leader in agricultural sciences and nutrition and a Member of Parliament, chairs the coalition. 

More information about the Vistaar Project is available here.