CNN Features mHero, an Ebola Response Tool by IntraHealth and Partners

A new CNN article features mHero as one of the most effective ways African nations are responding to Ebola.

From CNN's Battling Ebola: The African Responses that 'Will Win this War':

In Liberia, a text-message system aimed at health workers on the frontline is also gaining traction. Launched by the country's ministry of health and UNICEF [and IntraHealth International], mHero (Mobile Health Worker Ebola Response and Outreach) connects the ministry and health workers in real time by broadcasting messages about care and prevention. The platform also lets health workers know when their hazard pay is available as well as the status of dead bodies in communities.

"Liberians themselves have been at the frontlines of the fight against Ebola from the very beginning while the country waited for international support to materialize," explains Saran Kaba Jones, founder of FACE Africa, a group working to improve access to clean water in rural parts of the country.

"The will is there," she continues. "People want to kick Ebola out of their communities, and ultimately they are the ones who are best positioned to do so. So we need to provide them with more resources like mHero."

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