The Labor of Care: Honoring Health Workers

We’re preparing for Labor Day here in the United States, when we celebrate all workers and their part in creating a strong, prosperous nation. Most American workers will enjoy a well-earned day off to celebrate the informal end of summer in the US. But as on all holidays, essential and emergency workers will head to work as usual—and that includes many health workers.

The health workforce is a vital part of every society, both socially and economically. It offers our communities greater levels of health and well-being, fewer maternal and child deaths, higher vaccination rates, and lower overall burden of disease. And economically, health workers provide the labor for one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world’s economy. They also help citizens to stay healthy, and therefore more likely to remain productive and employed.

This year on Labor Day in the US, IntraHealth honors paid and unpaid health workers here and across the globe for their commitment to caring for others. To help us celebrate, take this quiz and learn how much you know—or don’t know—about the people who can keep our world healthy.


Quiz: The Labor of Care