What Does It Really Cost to Develop Global Digital Health Goods?

February 27, 2020 10:00am to 11:30am EST
IntraHealth International
6340 Quadrangle Drive Suite 200
Chapel Hill , NC 27517

The monthly Global Digital Health Network meeting will focus on the cost to develop global digital health goods. This conversation will build off of a session held at the 2019 Global Digital Health Forum and will provide an opportunity to learn more about development costs and the ongoing maintenance and support efforts necessary to ensure the sustainability of global goods over time. 

Speakers will include:

We’ll dive into new research from USAID and the Boston Consulting Group that analyzed the development costs and maintenance needs of OpenMRS, Commcare, and iHRIS using the Software Global Goods Valuation Framework and how they are using this new tool in our global good development process.

Location Information

Please join us in person at IntraHealth International in Chapel Hill, NC or at JSI in Arlington, VA.

Call-in Information

Remote viewing is available via Zoom. RSVP to receive call-in information.


Wayan Vota

Digital Health Director