International Conference on Family Planning

November 12, 2013 12:00am EAT to November 15, 2013 11:55pm EAT
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

IntraHealth staff joined thousands of family planning experts and activists from around the world at the 2013 International Conference on Family Planning. The conference was co-hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and by the Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. The theme for 2013 was Full Access, Full Choice.

IntraHealth joined the global health community in focusing on the needs of young people by taking part in daily plenaries, interactive skills-building sessions, panel presentations, and poster sessions.

From helping women to deliver healthy babies to offering resources that allow couples to plan their families, health workers are vital to every aspect of health care. That's why, that same week, many IntraHealth staff also attended the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health. The goals of the two conferences were intrinsically linked.

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Blog Posts on Family Planning

Future Planning for Healthy, Productive Lives
Laura Hoemeke, Director of Communications and Advocacy
When I first met 21-year-old Gelila in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this past June, she seemed shy. But she stuck by my side, and asked me a lot of questions about my life in the US and work in public health. She also told me about her life. “When I get older, I want to make a difference,” she said. “I have plans.”

For Young People, Is Family Planning a Misnomer?
Laura Hoemeke, Director of Communications and Advocacy
By calling what we do family planning, we may be ignoring the fact that many young people aren’t trying to plan families—they’re trying to plan futures. At this year’s International Conference on Family Planning, let’s talk about sexual health on their terms. 

On the Rocky Road to Universal Health Coverage
Pape Gaye, President and CEO of IntraHealth International
If you look at the regions of the world that have made the greatest progress in family planning—India and Bangladesh come to mind—you will see that all of their strategies have included strong community health workforces. That’s because the role of the health worker is crucial.

Preventing Stockouts, Saving Lives
Carol Cisse, Program Officer
We know that family planning saves lives by reducing maternal mortality, improving child health, and advancing women’s socioeconomic status. But in Senegal, unmet need for family planning is still one of the highest in the world.

Let's Talk About It
Katelyn Bryant-Comstock, IntraHealth UNC Fellow
Family planning seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. It’s enjoying a rebirth as the development community focuses on how to integrate family planning into programs and encourage contraceptive use.

Nurses Can Close the MDG Gaps in Maternal and Reproductive Health, but Not without New Skills and Mentorship
Karen Blyth, Director for East Africa Programs
I recently had the opportunity to travel and work with our team in Uganda to help the Ministry of Health plan for, develop, and manage its health workforce. I was reminded again of the strenuous demands placed upon nurses.

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IntraHealth Participation at a Glance

Pre-Conference Youth Sessions

Roundtable Small Group Discussion: Goal Setting at and Beyond Conference 
Monday, November 11, 7:15 pm | Saro Maria Hotel
This session will give participants an opportunity to develop a personal action plan for the conference—and beyond. It will allow participants to get to know each other better, and share ideas about what they want to do during and after the ICFP. By developing their own personal action plans, participants will commit to taking the experience of the conference back home. Facilitated by Laura Hoemeke.

Workshop 5—The Art of Moderating 
Tuesday, November 12, 12:00–2:45pm | Saro Maria Hotel
The session will include an interactive overview of core skills for moderating and leading discussions, including session preparation, appropriate tools, opening the session, managing time effectively, using effective communication techniques, managing questions/answers and group dynamics, dealing with conflict, and closing sessions in a memorable way. This is an interactive workshop where participants learn from each other and have an opportunity to practice core facilitation skills. Facilitated by Laura Hoemeke.

Panel Discussions

Les organisations de la société civile en Afrique de l’Ouest francophone se mobilisent pour le repositionnement de la planification familiale à travers différentes initiatives communautaires au Bénin, au Mali et au Sénégal 
Wednesday, November 13, 2:30–3:50 pm | 3rd Level, Small Conference Hall 3
Panel moderated by Laura Hurley with presentations by Sidiki Koné (IntraHealth), Josephat Avoce (OSV Jordan), Ba Diaminatou Sow (Marie Stopes International/Mali), and Moussé Fall (Réseau Islam et Population)

Family Planning: It Takes a Health Workforce 
Thursday, November 14, 2:30–3:50 pm | Ground Floor, Briefing Room 3
Panel moderated by Perle Combary with presentations by Demba Traoré (IntraHealth), Patrick Mugirwa (Partners in Population and Development), and Sherine Athero (African Population & Health Research Center)


Stratégie Avancée - A community-based approach to quality FP service delivery in urban Dakar, Senegal 
Wednesday, November 13, 10:30–11:50 am | 3rd Level, Small Conference Hall 3
Presented by Fanding Badji

Intégration de la planification familiale aux services de prise en charge de la fistule obstétricale au Mali
Wednesday, November 13, 10:30–11:50 am | 3rd Level, Small Conference Hall 3
Presented by Demba Traoré

Building faculty capacity in family planning using skills labs and eLearning in the Kitui Centre of Excellence
Wednesday, November 13, 12:00–1:20 pm | Ground Floor, Briefing Room 2
Presented by Linet Oyucho

Getting women in the door – increasing accessibility and use of family planning services through FP/child immunization integration
Wednesday, November 13, 2:20–5:40 pm | 2nd and 3rd Floor Lobbies
Presented by Abdoulaye Diedhiou

On-site training and performance improvement approach strengthens stakeholders’ engagement to assure quality family planning/maternal health care in Senegal
Wednesday, November 13, 4:20–5:40 pm | Ground Floor, Briefing Room 2
Presented by Boniface Sebikali 

Exploring contraceptive use differentials in sub-Saharan Africa through a health workforce lens
Thursday, November 14, 2:30–3:50 pm  | 2nd Level, Caucus Room 20
Presented by Randi Burlew

Tackling high unmet need for family planning through a national effort to expand the nurse/midwifery health workforce in Uganda 
Thursday, November 14, 2:30–3:50 pm  | Ground Floor, Briefing Room 4
Presented by Laura Hoemeke

Beat Making and Future Planning 
Thursday, November 14, 4:00pm | African Union—Amphitheater
This interactive event will highlight the power of music in engaging youth to express their attitudes toward reproductive health, contraception—and future planning. It will include an overview of innovative ways of engaging young people in advocacy and promotion for reproductive health services. Young Ethiopian Beat Makers and the core Beat Making Lab team will demonstrate how they create music. Videos showing the Beat Making experience in several countries will be shown. The session will feature the release of Beat Making Lab’s debut song in Ethiopia and provide opportunities for hands-on skills building in beat making. Finally, during the session, participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the production of a new song on family planning that will be shared during the conference.

Amélioration et pérennisation de la disponibilité des produits contraceptifs au Sénégal
Friday, November 15, 10:30–11:50 am  | Old Building Small Conference Hall
Presented by Oumy Ndao

Facility-based activities to improve quality of and access to family planning services
Presented by Cheikh Seck    

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