Date(s): -
Location: FRANK Gallery
109 East Franklin St.
Chapel Hill, NC United States

Photo exhibit: December 8, 2015 – February 7, 2016
Openings: December 11, 2015 and January 8, 2016
6 p.m.-9 p.m.
FRANK Gallery

A midwife in Mali holds the arm of a pregnant woman while listening to her growing baby’s heartbeat. A nurse in India cradles a newborn’s head and shows the mother how to breastfeed. A nurse in Uganda carefully explains different types of contraceptive options to a new mother who isn’t yet ready for another pregnancy.

Around the world it’s health workers who provide health care, from maternity care to family planning services and much, much more. But unfortunately there’s a shortage of health workers around the world. For many families, that means high-quality health care is out of reach, and occasions such as childbirth are not times of joy, but rather times of uncertainty and fear.

We at IntraHealth International envision a world where everyone, everywhere has the health care they need to thrive. And that means ensuring there are enough health workers trained and supported to provide the care clients need.

Join us for our first local photography exhibit. See some of our favorite photographs of our maternal and child health work—and get a glimpse into that vision as it becomes a reality.

Special thanks to our generous local sponsors for this show: Bull City Art & Frame Company and Southeastern Camera Carrboro.

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