How You Can Support Global Coronavirus Response

March 12, 2020 09:00am EDT to March 13, 2020 11:55am EDT
IntraHealth International
John Snow, Inc

This is a special convening of the Global Digital Health Network to explore how we can support the COVID-19 response. 

The interactive workshop will start with an update on COVID-19 and coronavirus infections, including the latest information on how it is spreading and what is effective in reducing its impact. We’ll hear from government health experts in LMICs on what national health systems are doing to prepare and mitigate COVID-19 impact. We’ll also revisit lessons learned from the West African Ebola response.

Next, we’ll break into small working groups to explore the challenges in responding to coronavirus, and identify use cases where digital development solutions like these can be utilized in COVID response. Finally, we’ll hear from solution providers on key disease response innovations, and wrap up with ideas on the way forward.

Please RSVP to participate. This is a virtual event. Remote connection information will be provided upon registration.