Global Digital Health Forum

December 06, 2021 12:00am EST to December 08, 2021 11:55pm EST
This is a virtual event.
Improving health through digital transformation
Global Digital Health Network

The Global Digital Health Forum brings together technology vendors, donors, researchers, government representatives, and implementing organizations working in low- and middle-income countries to advance public health outcomes by sharing best practices, discussing emerging innovations, and networking with each other. 

Our Participation

Lightning Talk

Innovations in Health Workforce Data Science
Date(s): Tuesday, December 07, 12:15pm EST
More Information: The world is facing an acute health worker shortage. It is critical that health workforce systems strengthening programs are optimally designed to ensure success and sustainability and that governments and implementing partners use data to allocate existing health workers to where they are needed most. In this Lighting Talk, Amy will describe three ways IntraHealth is using data to ensure frontline health workers are ready, present, connected, and safe.
Presenter(s): Amy Finnegan
Optimizing Human Resources for Health Planning with WISN Lite
Date(s): Wednesday, December 08, 11:30am EST
More Information: Our abbreviated version of WISN, or WISN Lite, leverages previous WISN data to identify workload components that do not substantially contribute to staffing requirements. These components can then be excluded from future data collection and entry efforts to expedite the WISN process. Our WISN Lite pilot using workload data from 18 health facilities in Kenya suggested that for certain cadres and facilities, up to half of workload components could be excluded without changing staffing requirement estimations.
Presenter(s): Lea Ghastine and Amy Finnegan

Panel Discussions

The Big Picture of Human Resources for Health Data: Global Transformation of HRH Information Systems
Date(s): Monday, December 06, 1:00pm EST
More Information: Human resource information systems (HRIS) are a key tool for collecting and analyzing such data, yet there is limited documentation about the capabilities of existing systems in different countries. To understand these gaps and what it will take to transform them, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation engaged Vital Wave, IntraHealth International, and Cooper/Smith to identify the key success factors and concrete opportunities for low- and middle-income countries to better design, plan, and manage their health workforce using HRIS. This panel will share insights from a targeted scan of the HRIS landscape in 20 countries and three deep-dive assessments in Burkina Faso, Mozambique, and Uganda.
Presenter(s): Alex Collins


Alex Collins

Health Workforce Technical Advisor

Amy Finnegan

Senior Technical Advisor for Digital Health

Lea Ghastine

Former UNC-IntraHealth Fellow