Location: The Hamilton
Washington, DC United States
Hosts: Global Health Council and Global Health Fellows Program II

Event description:

The Future of Global Health 2016 (TFGH16) is an event for global health unlike any other. It is a unique opportunity to step outside the usual panel discussion format and engage in meaningful conversation with peers and potential mentors.

The goal of TFGH16 is to foster connections and increase knowledge through conversations among new and established members of the global health community. This year’s event will focus on the global health workplace and the challenges, solutions, and skills needed to advance progress on the global health issues of our time. The breadth of sectors—private, non-profit, government, academic, and donor—will be represented among the event’s discussion group leaders, mentors, and attendees.

This unconference will feature small group discussions and one-on-one mentoring sessions with senior global health professionals. Learn more and register.

IntraHealth Participation:

Rebecca Kohler, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy, and Heather Ross, Technical Advisor, Health Workforce Development, will serve as group leaders and mentors.

Our Participation