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Location: Kigali, Rwanda
DALA Africa

The African Smart Cities Investment Summit pioneers the transformation of urban landscapes for Africa's future. IntraHealth International will join visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, and engaged citizens at this groundbreaking event to unlock the potential of African cities and shape the lives of 1.5 billion future Africans in 100 cities yet to be built by 2100.

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Panel Discussions

Urban Integration for Universal Health Coverage in Smart African Cities
- (04:30am - 05:30am EDT)
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In Africa, chronic diseases are projected to cause 57% of deaths and cost $2.4 trillion annually by 2030. As the continent rapidly urbanizes, there’s a pivotal opportunity for cities to champion universal health coverage (UHC) and embed public health initiatives within their infrastructural blueprints. Our Philippe Guinot will moderate a panel discussion and Q&A on integrating smart city design with the broader objectives of UHC, drawing from the successes of CARDIO4Cities, The Challenge Initiative, and City Cancer Challenge. This session will promote action to ensure African smart cities not only leverage technology for advancement but also significantly improve public health outcomes and tackle chronic diseases. Free but participants must register in advance.
Kigali Convention Center, Room AD12
Philippe Guinot (moderator), Chief Technical and Operating Officer, IntraHealth International
Babati Mokgethi, Senior Urban Development Officer, African Development Bank Group
Marlene Mumukunde, Kigali City Manager, City Cancer Challenge
Hon. Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana, Minister of Health, Rwanda


Philippe Guinot

Chief Technical and Operating Officer