2022 NC Global Health Alliance Annual Conference

October 06, 2022 12:00am to 11:55pm EDT
McKimmon Center, NC State University
1101 Gorman Street
Raleigh, NC 27606
Impact in global health: Are we making a difference?
North Carolina Global Health Alliance

The 2022 NC Global Health Alliance Annual Conference will explore the global health impact North Carolina's organizations, and those based nationally and globally, are having at the individual, community and global levels. It will provide an opportunity for thought leaders, innovators, policymakers, students, and researchers to share their experiences and questions through a mix of keynote speakers, panels, workshops, and poster sessions. 


Our Participation

Featured Event

The Global Health Sector’s Contributions to North Carolina’s Economy
Date(s): Thursday, October 06, 11:05pm EDT
More Information: This session will feature the 2022 Economic Impact Report, which was developed as a partnership between the North Carolina Global Health Alliance and RTI International. The report showcases the importance, depth, breadth and influence of our global health sector’s work, and effectively makes the case for greater investment in global health and highlights the social impact of the global health sector in North Carolina as well as key examples of global health outcomes from our global health organizations’ programs, and examples of effective innovations that benefit both our state and the global community.
Presenter(s): Polly Dunford


Together We Decide: An Interactive Game to Engage Men in Family Planning
Date(s): Thursday, October 06, 1:30pm EDT
More Information: IntraHealth International partnered with ideas42 to improve postpartum contraceptive uptake in eastern Uganda through a behavioral design process. Our team developed a behaviorally informed intervention package that focuses on postpartum women, their male partners, and health workers. One component of the intervention is an interactive game, “Together We Decide,” which engages male partners of postpartum women. During this workshop, audience members will engage with game content by playing an abbreviated session of the game. During game play, the behavioral rationale behind some of the game cards and features will be explained to help participants think about its relevance for their own settings and programs. The workshop will conclude with a chance for audience reflection and questions and answers.
Presenter(s): Katelyn Bryant-Comstock


Katelyn Bryant-Comstock

Knowledge Management Advisor

Polly Dunford

President and CEO