At the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Swaziland has an estimated adult HIV prevalence of over 40%. While the country’s need for health workers has spiraled upward, its health workforce has suffered severe losses and reduced productivity. IntraHealth worked with the country’s Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to assess and address the human resources for health challenges and strengthen HIV/AIDS services.

Selected Achievements

  • Strengthening the human resources information system to better identify gaps in the health workforce and services and to project future needs
  • Assisting to implement the ministry’s strategic plan for the health sector
  • Improving education and training for health workers, as well as better support for their performance on the job from health care leaders and managers
  • Strengthening national capacity to provide HIV testing, improved laboratory support services, and management of tuberculosis coinfection
  • Facilitating the development of an HIV/AIDS policy for the workplace
  • Assessing the climate, standards of care, and employee satisfaction at hospitals and creating tailored plans to address identified needs

Past Projects (& Funders)