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For more than a decade, we've collaborated with the government, health workers, and other local stakeholders in Senegal to strengthen the country's health systems and bring high-quality, integrated health services to more communities than ever.

And together, we've made great progress. 

Child mortality and malaria-related deaths have dropped, access to family planning has risen, and the country has stabilized a low incidence of HIV. Today we're working hard to make sure these successes are just the beginning.

Key Results

Reduced contraceptive stockouts to less than 2%.
Conducted over 150,000 home visits and 23,000 community dialogue sessions on malaria.
Trained 1,000+ health workers to provide high-quality family planning services.

Selected Achievements

Reduced contraceptive stockout rates to as low as 2% in Senegal using our Informed Push Model for supply chain management.


Used our interactive voice response system to provide refresher training to 20 midwives, nurses, nursing assistants, and health agents in Senegal, in languages tailored to their different ethnic and cultural subgroups.


Increased the number of new clients who choose modern methods of contraception by 64% in 100 health facilities in Senegal, after the facilities implemented our performance improvement and mentoring approach, TutoratPlus.


Partnered with imams, journalists, and civil society members (who have since visited 14,000+ households) in Senegal to dispel myths around family planning and make services more widely available.


Implemented low-cost innovations powered by mobile technology to improve health management information systems and contraceptive logistics in Senegal, and help health workers more quickly find the information they need to make decisions.
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