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Tomorrow’s Health Sectors Need More IT Staff, Interoperable Systems

When it comes to data-wrangling software and apps, health sectors today have lots of options. But they may come with a language barrier.

If Ebola Comes, Kenya Will Be Ready

Kenya's got the processes in place to help health workers provide excellent care—now or in an emergency.

Sustainable Development in Global Health

Within the global health and development ecosystem, the health workforce is the keystone of sustainable development. Now is the time to make health workers a priority.

From West Africa to South Korea, No Pause between Outbreaks

As nurses gather in Seoul for the 2015 ICN Conference, an outbreak of MERS poses a new global health security threat.

10 Lessons for Stronger Health Information Systems in Ebola-Affected West Africa

The international community came together in Accra, Ghana, last month to make a plan.

Creativity: The Key to Developing Tanzania’s Electronic Immunization System

A new registry in Tanzania will track immunizations and vaccine inventories and exchange data with other health information systems.

Ebola Changed Everything

The 68th World Health Assembly made it clear that Ebola has fundamentally changed the direction of global health discourse.

From Guinea: The Doors Shut by Ebola are Starting to Open

Government and international aid workers alike are collaborating to address Ebola in Guinea, but challenges remain.

What OpenHIE Means—and Could Mean—for Health Sectors around the World

Enabling a health sector's data systems to talk to each other is harder than it sounds. But it's worth it.