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South Sudan

Since 2006, IntraHealth International has worked with our partners in South Sudan to improve access to health services amid civil war, famine, a refugee crisis, and rampant inflation. In collaboration with governmental and nongovernmental agencies, we provide high-quality HIV prevention services, improve access to modern contraceptives, address the country’s shortage of health workers, and work with the South Sudan Ministry of Health to strengthen the health system.

Key Results

367,661+ people counseled and tested for HIV since 2009
3,000+ women received antiretroviral therapy to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission since 2009
72,600+ people received family planning services since 2009

Selected Achievements

Provided HIV testing and counseling services to 367,661+ people in South Sudan since 2009


Educated 275,000+ people in South Sudan about HIV prevention.


Trained 85 state M&E directors, county M&E officers, state statisticians, data clerks, and facility supervisors in South Sudan to manage HIV data, including collection, analysis, interpretation, and use.


Empowered women who live with HIV in South Sudan through mentor-mother support groups that offer safe spaces, microfinancing opportunities, and strong links to health services, and encourage more couples to seek testing and counseling together.


Provided HIV services to 500+ sex workers in South Sudan by reaching out to brothels and lodges, training peer educators, providing contraceptives, offering testing and counseling for HIV and syphilis, and enrolling workers in the appropriate treatment.


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