Service Integration Expands Access to HIV Care, without Stigma

In West Pokot County, Kenya, people tend to avoid clinics dedicated to HIV services, fearing the neighbors will see them. So we’re working with local health workers to provide more discreet, convenient care to those in need. » Read More

Health Workers Can Open up the Future for Teenage Girls

We see the challenges teenage girls face in countries around the world. And we know health workers have the power to change their lives. In honor of #WPD2016, check out these 16 stories that show us how. » Read More

New Report: Health Care Is Under Attack in 19 Countries

In conflict zones around the world, health workers and facilities are under relentless attack, according to a new report from the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition. Hospitals and ambulances are common targets. » Read More

5 Behavioral Science Tips for Integrating Health Services

IntraHealth teamed up with ideas42 to unpack the decisions and actions of postpartum women in Senegal. Together we found out what works—and what doesn't—when integrating family planning and immunization services. » Read More


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