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Tanzania Human Resource Capacity Project

IntraHealth led the Tanzania Human Resource Capacity Project, which identified and filled staffing shortfalls, building on the earlier work of the global Capacity Project. The project collaborated with more than 20 health sector leaders and managers from three regions to plan for and manage a larger and better trained health workforce.

At public and faith-based health facilities in Tanzania and Zanzibar, the project installed an electronic human resources information system, iHRIS Manage, developed by IntraHealth to help health leaders design and manage a comprehensive human resources strategy. Following installation, the project trained local staff to use the software, and local partners to provide technical and management support to ensure the system’s sustainability. Additionally, the project trained a new cadre of community workers to work with children who have been orphaned by HIV and connect them with the health care and social support services the children need. These community workers start as volunteers and may later be integrated into the health and social welfare system as salaried employees.