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IntraHealth International is committed to developing technology solutions that help health workers provide high-quality services around the world. Our approach is rooted in the Principles for Digital Development, which encourage open source, data-driven, sustainable, and collaborative digital solutions. IntraHealth applies its technology expertise to the challenges facing health workers around the world and is a pioneer of the field of health workforce informatics—the use of technology, information, and analytical approaches to better understand and provide support to the people at the center of health systems.

 We use our systems approach and technological expertise to:

  • Foster local capacity, ownership, and talent in health information technologies
  • Create national health information ecosystems that use open and convergent standards and approaches to eliminate technology and data silos
  • Help health officials make better, more informed decisions about health workforce policy, planning, training, regulation, and management
  • Help health workers deliver better health services through effective mobile, decision-support technologies, telemedicine, and related approaches
  • Provide health workers with access to digital learning and online knowledge resources to ensure appropriate just-in-time information
  • Broaden the reach of health workers by facilitating communication and coordination among peers, clients, managers, and experts around the world.
Learn more in our Digital Health Overview.


 iHRIS image  

iHRIS, IntraHealth’s free, easy-to-use, open source software, helps countries around the world track and manage their health workforce data. Countries use it to capture and maintain high-quality information for health workforce planning, management, regulation and training. iHRIS is built on a flexible framework that allows ministries of health, professional councils, and health service delivery organizations adapt the applications for a wide variety of uses. ? » Read more
 health worker  
OpenHIE Health Worker Registry 

IntraHealth is a proud collaborator in the Open Health Information Exchange initiative.  We champion the development of standards, guidance, and technology for health worker registries. Health worker registries allow for countries to understand the true scope of their health workforces, and provide information on health workers to the broader health technology ecosystem. » Read more
 cell phone  

mSakhi is an interactive vernacular audio/video-guided mobile application that provides support to community health workers in India who are conducting routine activities across the continuum of maternal, newborn, and child health care. » Read more
 Ebola billboard  

mHero, a collaboration between IntraHealth, UNICEF, USAID and a broad community of partners , is a free mobile communications platform that allows ministries of health to engage in two-way communication with health workers in urban and remote areas. mHero has been used during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, but the connectivity it brings to the health sectors will make for stronger health systems now and in years to come. » Read more
 mobile phone  

IntraHealth’s Switchboard is a unique public-private partnership model through which health workers can register their mobile numbers and then connect to colleagues, training, and the larger health system through messaging platforms and free calling networks. These services, along with nationwide phone directories of health workers, allow practitioners to receive information and guidance when they need it most. » Read more
 library books  
HRH Global Resource Center

IntraHealth’s HRH Global Resource Center is the largest digital library of human resources for health (HRH) materials in the world. It is entirely open access, including peer-reviewed journal articles, technical manuals, and an e-learning component. » Read more
 family planning graphic  
Interactive Voice Response Activities
IntraHealth’s interactive voice response (IVR) mLearning activities use a combination of interactive voice response and SMS text messaging to deliver refresher training for nurses and midwives who provide family planning services. In Senegal, the course delivered 20 audio questions with accompanying explanations to health workers entirely on their mobile phones and in a variety of languages. In Kenya, IntraHealth is adapting family planning content from the Global Health e-Learning Center to deploy as a refresher course.  » Read more
 HIV ribbon  
Mobile Messaging for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision
IntraHealth, in partnership with the Tanzania Youth Alliance, created and helped implement a system to deliver information about the health benefits of voluntary medical male circumcision and availability of services to interested clients via SMS text messages. » Read more


Carl Leitner
Associate Director, Health Workforce Informatics

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