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Write desired performance statements

Define desired performance using specific, measurable terms upon which all key stakeholders can reach consensus


Completed Desired Performance section of the Performance Improvement Specification document

 Form — Performance Improvement Specification
 Example — Performance Improvement Specification
 Job Aid — Performance Improvement Specification

Define performance in specific and measurable terms. For the definition to be valid, you must ensure that all key stakeholders have input and/or agree on the performance statements. This process will take time, as individual stakeholders may have opinions that differ, especially when they are forced to be specific. Good definitions of performance have the following qualities:

  • State the accomplishments and/or behavior of the performer
  • Are observable
  • Are measurable
  • Can be agreed upon by independent observers
  • Give a clear, unambiguous, yes-or-no answer to “Do they or don’t they?”
  • Are under the control of the performer.