Performance Improvement: Stages, Steps and Tools
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Step 1: Implement the Evaluation Plan: Prepare evaluation strategy

Step 2: Conduct data collection, analysis and interpretation

Step 3: Write a report and communicate evaluation results

The goal of this stage is to assess the effects of PI project interventions on provider performance and to judge the extent to which the performance gaps have closed. The evaluation may also examine organizational performance or the capacity of an institution to support and sustain improved provider performance.

The evaluation stage is the culmination of a series of evaluative exercises conducted at each stage in the life of the project. The end-of-project evaluation is based on a foundation laid during the definition of desired performance and fed by assessments conducted during intervention selection and implementation.

The design of the Evaluation Plan is carried out early in the PI process, after “Define Desired Performance.”

The outputs of this stage are:

  • The results data
  • The evaluation report.