Performance Improvement: Stages, Steps and Tools
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Obtain and Maintain Stakeholder Agreement

Step 1: Recognize the opportunity to apply PI

Step 2: Gather preliminary project information

Step 3: Conduct interviews with representative stakeholders

Step 4: Review findings with the key decision-makers and prepare for the Project Agreement Meeting

Step 5: Conduct the Project Agreement Meeting

Step 6: Prepare the Project Agreement Letter and facilitate necessary approvals

Here, the goal is to involve key decision-makers in a transparent and participatory process that results in agreements about:

  • The stakeholder group
  • The expected outcomes of the process
  • Next steps in the process.

The purpose of this early step is not to design or obtain agreements about interventions or solutions to problems, since those will emerge from stages yet to come.

The output is a Project Agreement Letter signed by the key decision-makers. (A blank form and template as well as an example of a Project Agreement Letter appear in the Tools section.)