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Jojo Almario, Systems Administrator and Manager for Open Source Systems

Jojo Almario, Systems Administrator and Manager for Open Source Systems

When IntraHealth was still “Intrah” and part of the University of North Carolina, Jojo Almario volunteered his evening hours to do minor fixes on and upgrade staff computers. That was 1998.

“I didn’t actually start getting paid for what I was doing and working during the day until about late 1999 or early 2000,” Jojo says.

 Now, Jojo is a systems administrator and manager for Open Source systems. He is one of IntraHealth’s three technical administrators who maintain routing, network security, email, web, file and application server back ends.

Jojo also supports field office networks, and he specializes in backup and disaster recovery for the Chapel Hill office and field offices. He also works on making Chapel Hill resources more accessible to field offices in low-bandwidth areas.

“The IT [information technology] work here is challenging and rewarding just trying to keep offices in remote areas of the world connected,” he explains.

Jojo did not start out working with computers. “After being in the biology and genetics fields for six years, I worked closely with the technology aspects of them. I decided to enhance my technical knowledge of the computer systems and ended up liking that better.”

Jojo is most proud of having laid the foundation and infrastructure off of which most IntraHealth IT resources are based. He says, “I like using technology not as a standard to achieve but as tool to help you achieve your goal.”