Step 7: Decide how to access the learning objectives

Learning assessment methods are techniques and instruments for measuring learners' achievement of the learning objectives. Immediately after writing learning objectives, decide how to assess them. Selecting learning assessment methods at this time helps make sure that the assessment measures the right thing.


Continue filling out Tool #9 Instructional Planning Worksheet to record your selection of learning assessment methods.

  1. For each learning objective, select an assessment method that will measure the behavior specified. Refer to Box 13 below for suggestions on how objectives can be assessed based on the type of performance they describe.

  1. Check that the assessment methods are practical for the available resources and the scope of the learning intervention.

    For example, if caseload is not adequate for skills to be assessed in a clinical setting, simulated practice may be substituted. It may be more practical to observe the counseling skills using a checklist during a role play, to observe a clinical skill using an anatomical model, or to plan for on-site observation of counseling or clinical skills during follow-up after the course.

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