Human Resources Management Services

IntraHealth International is a global leader in helping countries around the world solve their health workforce challenges. We offer targeted technical expertise through short- and medium-term consulting services agreements. We have a reputation for innovation and creative problem solving. 

The health workforce is often the largest recurring expense in hospital systems. Yet many hospital systems are not managing the health workforce for maximum quality and efficiency. Hospital-based human resources staff members often don’t have the skills they need to effectively manage the complex needs of health workers. This results in poor patient outcomes, loss of revenue, missed opportunities, and higher operating risks. 

In order to help health systems perform at the peak of their potential, IntraHealth offers a variety of health workforce and human resource management services. Institutions benefit from more than 35 years of IntraHealth’s experience as well as cutting edge tools, IT systems, and protocols from supporting hundreds of thousands health workers in over 100 countries.

IntraHealth currently offers pre-packaged or customized services to public and private clients in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States.  

Examples of services we offer:

  • Recruitment and Onboarding: There are shortages of health workers in most countries, making it difficult for health systems to recruit the staff they need to provide a broad array of quality services. Recruitment can often take months and cost tens of thousands of dollars, or it takes too long to integrate new health workers into the team so they are performing at a high level. IntraHealth uses its extensive national, regional, and global networks to hire and onboard health workers for clients. Our systems allow health workers to submit paper applications or to apply via web or mobile phone. Onboarding or induction training is streamlined based on defined competencies and can be provided either in person or via eLearning.
  • Staff Management: IntraHealth can manage every aspect of a health system’s health workforce: team design, determining staffing needs, recruitment, onboarding, credentialing, performance management, support supervision, shift scheduling, quality assurance, benefits selection and management, retention, promotions and career and succession planning, payroll, in-service training, policy creation and enforcement, compliance, reporting, etc. IntraHealth can provide staff management services with either the hospital as the employer of the workers or with IntraHealth as the employer. IntraHealth’s IT systems are interoperable or can be made interoperable with most other hospital systems, enabling the seamless use of human resources data throughout the hospital. IntraHealth uses its systems to provide metrics to hospital leadership so they can track progress.
  • Quality of Care: As competition increases among hospitals, and patients have more choices of where to go, clinical quality and customer service quality become crucial elements of success. IntraHealth can help design and implement quality improvement systems (such as Balanced Scorecards) as well as train staff in quality systems with measurable results.
  • Specialist Staff Sharing: Highly skilled specialists such as interventional radiologists, neurologists, and orthopedic surgeons are in short supply in many countries. In addition, many hospitals do not have sufficient volume of patients to retain full-time specialists. In order to address this challenge, IntraHealth provides access to highly skilled specialists on a part-time basis. Depending on the country and situation, the specialists may be available on a weekly or monthly basis and may be available in person or via telemedicine. IntraHealth handles all licensing and credentialing of the specialists.  
  • Advisory Services: IntraHealth offers fee-for-service health workforce advisory services to public and private health systems and health facilities. These services include expert advice on any of the above topics or related topics such as cost-efficiency, health workforce planning, etc.
  • Additional Services: IntraHealth is in the process of designing additional human resource management services and can tailor services to meet your organization’s needs. Please contact us to see how we can help you achieve your health workforce goals.