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10% de minimis & Indirect Costs: A Non-US Local Partner Perspective

The 10% de minimis has been in place since 2013 but has not always been evenly applied or understood. In this webinar, you’ll learn how the 10% can be incorporated into USAID Assistance Awards or Cooperative Agreements, gain a better understanding of the official rules for USAID Missions, Primes, and Subrecipients, and learn how to calculate and successfully apply it to ensure your project is sustainable. Doug Franke is a former PwC partner and US CPA with over 40 years of hands-on experience working with USAID, CDC, countless NGOs and Implementing Partners (IPs) in Africa, Asia and America. Mr. Franke is a subject matter expert in US Government rules and regulations. He has decades of experience in training recipients, auditors, IPs, and Mission staff, to successfully navigate the complex regulatory frameworks of donor agencies to enable compliance, and therefore, sustain a project’s funding.

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