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IntraHealth Commemorates World AIDS Day 2011

Dec 1, 2011

IntraHealth offices around the world are organizing and participating in World AIDS Day 2011 activities. This year’s theme is Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination, Zero AIDS-Related Deaths. Below is a sample of IntraHealth’s World AIDS Day activities.

Tanzania | South Sudan | Rwanda

Getting to Zero in Tanzania

The IntraHealth-led Tanzania HIV Prevention Project is highlighting outreach and prevention services as part of Tanzania’s national commemoration of World AIDS Day 2011. 

This year’s theme, Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination, Zero AIDS-Related Deaths, reflects the essence of IntraHealth’s HIV/AIDS work in Tanzania. Since September 2006, IntraHealth has supported HIV testing and counseling services for over 620,000 clients and has trained over 3,500 health workers at 286 facilities in provider-initiated counseling and testing services in Tanzania.

To commemorate World AIDS Day, IntraHealth is hosting two pavilions at Kambarage Stadium in Shinyanga, Tanzania. The first is offering HIV counseling and testing services. From November 25 through December 1, health care workers from the Shinyanga Regional Hospital are participating in shifts to provide HIV prevention messages and brochures as well as counseling and testing services with a target to reach 2,500 clients. Health workers are also demonstrating correct condom use and distributing condoms.   

The second pavilion is offering a comprehensive voluntary medical male circumcision package. There is compelling evidence that male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men by approximately 60%. Providers from Shinyanga Region, with assistance from IntraHealth staff, are providing the following services:

  • Group education on the benefits of voluntary medical male circumcision in the context of HIV prevention
  • Individual/couples HIV counseling and testing services
  • Risk assessment/reduction counseling
  • Condom promotion and provision
  • Pre-operation physical examinations including sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment
  • Male circumcision surgical procedures
  • Post-operative follow-up at 48 hours, seven days, and six weeks post-surgery
  • Referrals to other services, if needed.

This comprehensive medical male circumcision package is also being provided via outreach services from November 21 through December 9 in four districts (Bariadi, Kahama, Maswa, and Shinyanga Municipal). The goal is to reach—via a government van and cinema—the entire community with HIV prevention messages and promote awareness of voluntary medical male circumcision services. In the past year, IntraHealth has been able to scale up male circumcision services, circumcising over 41,000 men in fewer than twelve months. IntraHealth has trained four trainers and more than 78 health care workers in voluntary medical male circumcision service provision and plans to expand services into all eight districts in the region in the upcoming year. 

The Tanzania HIV Prevention Project is led by IntraHealth International and funded by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It builds on the earlier successes of the IntraHealth-led, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded Provider-Initiated Testing and Counseling Project.

Getting to Zero in South Sudan

In South Sudan, IntraHealth is coordinating the National World AIDS Day HIV counseling and testing campaign. From November 30 to December 1, IntraHealth is providing counseling and testing services in Juba, the nation’s capital. Services are being offered in Independence Square, an important and historic site for the newly independent nation, as well as in Jebel Market, New Site Barracks, and Giada.

At the request of the South Sudan Ministry of Health, IntraHealth is also conducting HIV counseling and testing services for South Sudan parliamentarians and their staff in the Republic of South Sudan Parliament building. These leaders are setting the example embodied in South Sudan’s World AIDS Day theme: Getting to zero new HIV infections and zero discrimination by 2015, take the lead in preventing HIV/AIDs.

The national celebration is taking place in Wau, the capital of Western Bar el Ghazal state. IntraHealth is supporting the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) HIV/AIDS Secretariat to organize parades both in Wau and Juba for uniformed forces—SPLA, police, fire brigade, prison, and wildlife officers—to commemorate the day.

Since 2006, IntraHealth has partnered with the SPLA HIV/AIDS Secretariat and other partner organizations to prevent and reduce the impact of HIV in South Sudan. IntraHealth supports HIV prevention efforts, counseling and testing, and prevention of mother-to-child transmission activities. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other partners, IntraHealth is also supporting the SPLA Medical Corps to provide HIV/AIDS treatment and care and support services at Juba Military Hospital.

To date, IntraHealth has overseen the training of more than 875 people in the promotion of HIV/AIDS prevention, reached more than 455,213 people through community outreach promoting HIV prevention, and counseled and tested more than 82,100 people in South Sudan.

This work is funded by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and builds upon IntraHealth’s earlier successes and collaborations with the South Sudan AIDS Commission and the Ministry of Health.

Getting to Zero in Rwanda

In Rwanda, December 1 marks the beginning of a three-month World AIDS Day 2011 Campaign against HIV and AIDS. The IntraHealth-led HIV/AIDS Clinical Services Program is a member of the World AIDS Day Campaign steering committee, and IntraHealth staff members are participating in the launch ceremony in Kigali. The launch is being held at Amahoro National Stadium. The theme is: Protecting oneself and others against HIV is everyone’s responsibility. I choose to use CONDOMS.

Last year, during the 2010-2011 World AIDS Day Campaign, 27,110 people were counseled and tested for HIV at sites supported by IntraHealth. Of those individuals, 1.6% tested HIV-positive and 274 new clients initiated antiretroviral therapy. IntraHealth’s contributions to this year’s campaign include supporting mobile voluntary and counseling activities in four districts as well as general support to the campaign. 

Through the HIV/AIDS Clinical Services Program, IntraHealth provides support for approximately 60 hospitals and health centers in HIV/AIDS clinical services and systems strengthening.

The IntraHealth-led HIV/AIDS Clinical Services Program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development.