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Donate Used Phones and Help Health Workers Save Lives

Donate your old cell phone—for free—and support health workers around the world

IntraHealth International has teamed up with Medic Mobile and the Hope Phones campaign to turn your old phones into positive change for frontline health workers and the people they serve. We earn funding for every phone that's recycled and use these funds to equip health workers in underserved communities with mobile phones and technologies that can help to improve and save lives.

Health workers are using mobile phones in remote communities as well as urban areas to transmit and receive up-to-the-minute information, alert health officials to emergencies and outbreaks, communicate with their supervisors, make referrals, consult clinical protocols, and address a growing number of other needs. 

Around 500,000 cell phones are discarded in the United States alone each year. If 1% of those were recycled, Hope Phones could equip 1 million health workers with a phone suited to their needs and context.

To donate your phone—any phone, working or not—simply print out the label below, attach it to your box or envelope, and drop it in your mailbox or at your local post office. The value of recycled phones is tax-deductible.


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Additional Ways to Give
    • Donate to IntraHealth

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    • Global Giving

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    • Search and Give

      You can give just by surfing the internet. When you use Yahoo’s “GoodSearch,” half the advertising revenue generated—about a penny per search—goes to the charity of your choice. » Read more

    • Combined Campaigns

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