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Corinne Farrell, Knowledge Services Manager

Corinne Farrell, Knowledge Services Manager

“As a mother of small children, I am on a daily basis reminded how lucky I am. I could just as easily have been born somewhere without access to quality health care,” says Corinne Farrell, Knowledge Services manager at IntraHealth.

“I cannot imagine giving birth without a skilled attendant. I cannot imagine the grief of losing young children to preventable diseases. I cannot imagine a family having to cope after a mother dies in childbirth. No one should have to endure these things, and if they do happen, they should be freak, tragic events—not systematic failures of the world to provide basic health services.”

While Corinne pursued her master’s in library science, she became passionate about new information technologies’ potential to improve access to health information and health care. That is when her involvement with IntraHealth began—seven years ago.

“IntraHealth bridges my passion for health information technologies with my commitment to being a global citizen,” she notes.

Corinne’s work focuses on supporting the effective use of information at IntraHealth. This includes compiling and synthesizing global health news and evidence, setting up systems and protocols to improve knowledge sharing among staff, and preserving and organizing knowledge from IntraHealth’s work so that it is readily available in the future.

One of her proudest accomplishments is being part of the team that designed and launched the digital library on the topic of human resources for health, the HRH Global Resource Center.

“The library filled a much needed information gap,” Corinne explains. “Pooling resources in one place and providing powerful, user-friendly search tools have made it easier for people working in the human resources for health field to find good quality information and tools so that they can build on the experiences of others.”